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personal projects

A peek at other work and projects I have going on behind the scenes.


drawing trees and leaves

book layout + cover design
coming december 2016

I was really proud to be brought onto this project by my good friend and illustrator extraordinaire, Julia Kuo. She worked on this book with science writer Michael Wojtech, filling it chock full of intricate and detailed illustrations of trees, leaves, and everything in between. It was a real pleasure to contribute book layout and the jacket design to this wonderful tome. More information about the book itself can be found here.



working motherhood project (a woman's work)

storytelling + interview series
coming soon

As someone whose identity is rooted firmly in both motherhood and my creative work, I've always wanted to delve more deeply into the truth of that experience and share stories that myself and many others could intimately relate to. My dearest hope is for this project to provide a platform for others who spend their time nurturing young hearts and young businesses, and for these women to find encouragement and validation for the very unique path they've chosen. 

I'm looking for mothers / creatives of all backgrounds and experiences to contribute their stories. If you are interested in participating, please contact me directly for more information!

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