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If you’ve ever wished for:

a creative partner that could listen to your heart’s deepest desires, a friend that could translate your tangle of ideas into a tangible vision, or an ally fluent in the many languages of branding, web design, marketing and business, well, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!


I’m Phyllis Sa and I believe your brand deserves to be a beautiful experience, from design to delivery and everything in between.

For the past 10 years as a professional graphic designer, I’ve partnered with exceptional personalities, from large corporations to solo operations, to create beautiful solutions for their brands and businesses. Working with creative, passionate entrepreneurs has always been a unique privilege, but working with those who have a beautiful vision is what makes it my purpose.

Every day, I’m inspired by the irresistible optimism I see in my clients. Creative risks. Untamed passion. Pure fearlessness. But it’s their constant drive to be better (in both work and play) that gets me moving every morning. Watching their brand’s story blossom over time makes me come alive when I sit down to create branding, collateral, and web design that reflects the true nature of their business.

But branding is more than just a collection of pretty parts. A brand that truly resonates with your audience needs to convey the heart behind your business across every element of your audience’s experience. It should connect the visual dots on the outside to the heart and soul that drives everything you do. I strive to bring each of the primary brand experience touch points you need to create a successful and beautiful brand all under one umbrella, in one place, so you can reach your true potential with my guidance and without the overwhelm.

Through a collaborative creative process that integrates the best of what everyone brings to the table, I’ll work intimately with you to translate your vision from big idea to beautiful brand. Your vision, ideas, enthusiasm, and aesthetic. My design expertise, artistic direction, and relationships with the best web developers, content creators, and brand photographers. A breezy-yet-structured approach, I help make the process one that feels natural and exciting, with each interlocking stage taking you one step closer to creating the brand experience you’ve been dreaming of.

Whether you’re ready for the full brand experience build out or you have a few select pieces of your existing brand experience that need an experienced hand to move it forward to a better place, I’m here to help you cultivate a brand that will always feel true to you while still giving you more clicks, callbacks and lifetime customers.


Good design is always anchored by a solid foundation.
These are the values that drive me in all of the work I do:


Designs that last. 

I seek to create and design for lasting impact within my clients’ lives, both as a part of their brand, and in my own personal work and creative exploration. Trends will come and go, but approaching design as a way to deliver a genuine and authentic message alongside something visually beautiful, is central to my approach. 


I believe in making my clients feel cared for, heard, and valued, and to foster partnerships rooted in respect. But ultimately, my goal is to spread a little more kindness and authenticity in what I do and how I do it. We’re human beings and so very imperfect; working and giving from a place of warmth and kindness makes it all a little better, don’t you think?


As a designer, I’m trained to notice the details, but I like to bring that awareness into life as well, especially by being observant and self-aware enough to know when I can be learning more and adjusting my perspective toward the world around me. This is what drives my love for creative problem solving and providing advice.

The woman behind the design...

Photo by Rebecca Sehn Photography.

Photo by Rebecca Sehn Photography.

I’m a 33-year-old Michigan native, now living in sunny San Diego with my two beautiful little girls, ages 8 and 5. My husband and I are high school sweethearts, attending the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) before making the leap to the West Coast, where we’re enjoying life in the sun, sand, and sea. In my spare time, or what little I have left when I’m not wrangling my two munchkins, you’ll find me indulging my inner TV junkie, getting in my daily dose of the New York Times, or reading a good book.

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to pursue a career that you’re passionate about. There’s so much to juggle creatively, personally, and professionally. That’s why I’m thankful that I found my passion for design and small businesses early on. In the coming years, I hope that I can continue to nourish and grow my creative side, even when life gets crazy and balance becomes tough. More than anything, I want my little girls to see the value in investing their time and talent in order to make a dream come true!

Curious to hear more about how I balance it all as a wife, mom, and creative entrepreneur? You can always email me or set up a virtual coffee date — and let's get to know each other. I love meeting like-minded individuals who are in a similar season of business and life!

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