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i believe the best brands leave a trail of fingerprints all over them.

We all have something unique to share about our business. It’s my job to help you translate that quality into clear, authentic, and beautifully designed stories and experiences. Cookie cutter templates? Fill in the blank logos? They don’t exist here. Everything we touch is customized and handcrafted for YOU. This experience is meant to be personalized, collaborative and thorough. As your creative guide on this intense but beautiful journey toward your best and most authentic brand, I make sure you feel heard and safe to explore the possibilities between all of these separate, but equally important threads of design, content, and imagery.


growing your business can be a hard and lonely path, but it doesn't have to be.

You have a clear vision of where your brand needs to go next but you need a creative partner, someone who can artistically direct your vision into a compelling, tangible reality. I believe that with with a foundation of kindness, trust and mutual respect, we can utilize both your knowledge and vision and my strategy, creative thinking, and skill set to create a heartfelt and compelling brand experience for your business. The value of this experience goes beyond mere project deliverables. You will have a collaborator in your corner, cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way.

This approach is not for newbies or the faint of heart. This requires someone with a true understanding of their business and brand value as well as an inherent understanding of the steps needed to take your growth to the next level.

What does a package usually include?


Brand Design

A first glance is your chance to leave a first impression. Let’s make yours mean something. By digging into the heart of your business and your message, we’ll work together to craft an irresistible brand identity - your logo, color palette, font choices, and other defining brand graphics - that keeps all eyes on you.

Brand Photography + Custom Illustration

Brand Photography + Custom Illustration

Whether you provide services or sell products, top notch photography can elevate your brand instantly and effectively. Every premium brand experience includes a custom brand photography package or if more appropriate, custom illustrations, from the best brand photographers and illustrators in the industry, to help you to tell the visual story of your business in a way that is uniquely you.

Web Design + Development

Web Design + Development

Your website is your brand’s online home, a welcoming and inclusive space that should feel like a natural extension of your business. Together, we’ll welcome your community inside by creating custom, mobile-friendly websites on either Squarespace, Wordpress, or Shopify that translate perfectly between devices and browsers.

Copywriting, Content Creation + Strategy

Copywriting + Content Strategy

Copy and content often find themselves at the bottom of the priority list, but don't discount the power of a talented wordsmith to weave together mesmerizing copy and content that your potential customers won't be able to ignore. We'll connect you with the right copywriter or content strategist to bring your message to life.

Collateral Design

Collateral Design

Every brand needs a stunning set of accessories. From business and thank you cards, to flyers, e-books, and media kits, we’ll create the right print or digital piece that flawlessly accentuates your brand’s experience.

Does this sound like the jumpstart you and your brand have been looking for?

how does the design process work?


1. Consultation

Before we dig in, let’s get to know each other! After sending me your project planner form, you can go straight to scheduling a consultation, using your communication method of choice — email, phone, Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts. Then, we’ll grab a cup of coffee and spend some time together, using your project planner as our starting point. This is where we’ll talk about everything that’s been inspiring you or bothering you when it comes to your brand.

Once we’ve aired it all out, we’ll be able to set specific goals and select the right package for your needs. If you have any modifications or additional requests, we’ll address them here. From there, I’ll send a final estimate and agreement for you to review and return, along with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Congratulations! You’re on the way to designing your beautiful brand.

2. Laying the groundwork

A well-defined schedule and creative brief with specific deliverables gets us one step closer to the fun design work! You’ll also receive a customized Welcome Packet, a personal project management page to track our progress and deadlines, and some in-depth homework in the form of my Discovery Workbook.

These questions and exercises are directly related to your brand and web presence, which will chart our course for designing the perfect solution — made just for you. This is also what we’ll use to start collecting key pieces of brand information that may inform other aspects of the design experience, like custom photography.

3. Get inspired

Once your discovery homework is complete, we’ll shift gears and develop a clear picture of what inspires you. At this point, you'll get to share some of your favorite images with me! What have you been pinning like crazy lately? Is there a certain look that you find yourself gravitating to? What are some colors, elements, and themes that you adore?

I’ll build you a custom inspiration board and define our creative direction moving forward, created with your responses and my design research in mind. This will help narrow down the aesthetic for your brand, allowing you to get a taste of what’s to come. We’ll discuss and review the inspiration board and direction together, to make sure that we’re on the same page in understanding your brand’s colors, look, and feel.

4. Create + collaborate

This part of the process is truly one of the most exciting and invigorating! After the inspiration board and creative direction receives your seal of approval, I transition into designing up to two strong, comprehensive brand concepts for your new identity. As we work on defining your new brand, we’ll also get the ball rolling on planning your brand imagery and collateral.

5. Refine

Once we’ve settled on THE logo (yay!), the process will move into building and refining all of the additional supporting elements included in your package. This typically includes the primary and secondary logo elements, any complementary patterns or graphics, print or digital collateral, and full branding board.

You’ll have the chance to review and request revisions for all of the included elements in order to make sure that everything accurately represents your vision. I go over everything with a fine tooth comb to make sure no details are left behind in creating a consistent and beautiful brand experience!

6. Finish + deliver

After everything is revised and approved in its final form, you’ll have everything signed, sealed, and ready to be delivered! Once the remainder of your payment is completed, all of the necessary files and formats will be generated into a shared folder for you to enjoy instantly. A custom branding guidebook will also be included, to help you use your new logo and supporting design elements consistently no matter the place or platform. 

Website Design

1. Preparing for your project

If you're a brand new website design client, welcome! If you're moving onto website design as an existing branding client, then skip ahead step two. 

We'll have a chance to connect with a phone or Skype consultation so I have the opportunity to learn about your business, your pain points regarding your current website, and better understand your website goals overall — this helps me guide you toward the website platform and design + development options that are best suited for you.

I believe that every client has their own unique needs that aren't served by a one-size fits all approach — this is why I design for Wordpress, Squarespace, and Shopify! Due to the variance in options between the three platforms, website projects will typically be custom quotes, but set up within the structure of my existing packages. If you have any modifications or additional requests, we’ll address them here. From there, I’ll send up a final estimate and agreement for you to review and return, along with a 50% non-refundable deposit. Cue confetti — you're on your way to website magic!

2. Planning + discovery

A well-defined schedule and detailed plan kicks off the website design process, too! Current clients who are continuing on with website design will have their website project schedule and deadlines added to their existing project management page, while new clients will receive access to this page and a Welcome Packet for the first time. And to officially get us going, yes, more homework! I provide a website design-specific Discovery Workbook that will help us begin to define the structure, layout, and required functionality for your new website, as well as start to consider which aspects of your brand experience are most important to integrate into your web presence.

I will also be researching the best theme or template options for your new website, discussing development logistics with our website developer and reviewing important things with you like content and copywriting to make sure we haven't overlooked any of the components that will come up further down the line in the design process.

If you've opted for a content strategy + review session as a part of your website design package, you will begin working with one of my trusted specialists at this time to ensure your content is ready to shine in our new website design.

3. Inspiration + exploration

With the help of your homework answers and website references, and my knowledge of your brand and website design goals, I will begin our process with style tile exploration. Style tiles are a faster way for us to experiment with the look and feel of your new website design, bringing together elements of your brand and potential layout elements, before committing to a full website mockup. 

4. Design + development

Once your style tiles have been approved, I will use those as my starting point to build out full, responsive design mockups of your website either from scratch (if you are building a fully custom website) or from a base template / theme (if you are starting out with an existing Wordpress, Squarespace, or Shopify theme). We design and develop for desktop and mobile devices concurrently, to ensure that we are carefully considering the look of the experience on all platforms and screen sizes.  And special consideration is always given to optimizing user experience, making sure we are showcasing your content in the best light, and keeping an eye on brand integrity, to ensure that your website feels like a natural extension of your brand to your customers and visitors. 

When those completed design mockups have your full approval, they will be sent over to one of my incredibly talented developers who will take my work and translate it into a pixel perfect, fantastically functional, and truly mobile responsive website experience. You will have the chance to review the website at specific times as we build — your feedback is extremely valuable to us in this process!

5. Review + refine

Once the website development process has neared its completion (usually in the last round of revisions), we will plan a Skype call and walk through the whole site together page by page. This kind of real-time client review allows us to review everything with a fine tooth comb and to be sure we've addressed any lingering design and technical issues. If there are any inconsistencies in our site review experience, we'll know and will be able to address those issues on the development side. We will come back together for a similar call to do a final walkthrough of the site, in order to receive your final approval before we wrap up the project and prepare you for launch!

6. Finalizing for launch

If you've made it here, then hooray! You're ready for launch! At this point, we will close out the development side of the project and get your new shiny digs ready for primetime, which includes a session with my SEO specialist, who will review and prepare your website for maximum search exposure. We'll do one last check on content, images, and test any extra bells and whistles we may have added in to make sure everything works as expected!

Once the remainder of your payment is completed, the transition process will begin, starting with help to redirect your existing domain, official ownership of your website transferred to your own host (for Wordpress/Shopify sites) or to your name (Squarespace). Any assets that were created for you and the website will be compiled and directly shared for your personal use. A 30 minute website training session, scheduled at your convenience, will be given to ensure you know the ins and outs of your new website and platform, and to aid in a smooth transition, you'll have access to me for 30 days after to assist with any reasonable updates or troubleshooting.

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