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Want to know more about what exactly goes into the branding + web design process before you dive in yourself? Get comfortable and dip your toes into the water with a behind-the-scenes look at some of my favorite projects. Read in-depth breakdowns of each project and hear thoughts on the process, directly from the clients themselves!


featured case studies

additional projects

Leadology | Branding + Website Design (Squarespace)

Blueprint Society | Branding + Collateral Design

Amira Rahim Fine Art | Website Redesign (Shopify)


Ingrid and Ching | Branding + Website Design (Shopify)

OurStory App | Branding + App Design + Marketing Website (Divi)

Teaselwood Design | Website Redesign (Squarespace) + Brand Graphic Updates


We Need Diverse Books | Website Design (Wordpress)

The Better Business Babe | Website Design (Wordpress)

Cuteheads | Branding


The Belles | Promotional Packaging + Collateral Design

The Marvellers | Branding + Landing Page Design

A Life Well-Lived Project | Website Design (Squarespace)


Terra Soma | Branding + Collateral Design, Art Direction for Brand Illustrations

Mask Moments | Branding + Website Design (Shopify), Art Direction for Brand Illustrations

Sunny Moon | Branding + Print Design

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